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La Panties - Buy and sell used panties and dirty panties online. Ladies want to earn some cash? Why not sell used panties? Gents want to buy used panties? Buy and sell used panties and dirty panties online.

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Want to sell used panties?

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Used Pantie Buyers Advert Tips

If you are looking to buy used panties, please state this in your free profile. You might like to also state your exact requirements.

For example your advertisement might read - Gent in Alabama looking to purchase 48 hour used/dirty panties in white with a lacy trim.

You can then enter into communications with panty sellers prior to making your purchase.

Don't put any contact details on your advert (that will get you banned), sellers will easily be able to contact you through La Panties if you ask them to in your advert.

Used Pantie Sellers Advert Tips

Ladies if you are looking to sell your used panties online, here are some tips.

Include a photograph/s of you in your panties. You may wish to remain anonymous by having only your lower body in the pic. However your sales will be higher if you include your face too!

Be very descriptive about the types of used panties you are selling and try to include your prices wherever possible. For example will you wear them 48 hours? Will you pee/poop in them? Will you make love in them?

You might also like to offer other items of clothing such as socks, bras and bodices. You could even offer your used cigarette butts.

Your highest priority in your advert is credibility. If you don't sound honest and professional, no-one will wish to purchase your used panties.

You might like to state your occupation and the area where you live. Also, of course, include as many other details such as age, hair colour etc.

Ensure you browse through the gents adverts to see exactly what they are looking for, you may wish to be proactive and contact them first to offer your services!

Don't put any contact details on your advert (that will get you banned), members will be able to contact you through La Panties

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Ladies do you want to earn some cash? Why not sell your used panties? Gents want to buy used panties? La Panties is where you can sell and buy used knickers and used pantie hose (tights and stockings). If you have a used panty for sale or wish to buy some used pants join our used knicker auction.

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